Friday, 2 December 2011

4. Effective Presentations

When you hear the word ‘presentation’ your mind goes into over drive.  You might think it is an unachievable assignment.  You first think about standing up in front of your peers and lecturer and their reaction to your presentation.  Your mind switches to choosing a topic and set criteria that must be met to achieve an effective presentation. 

Prior to presenting there were a number of factors I had to consider: the subject matter, specific information to present, effective time management and the presentation style. 

Remember the Mantra!
  • Tell 'Em What You’re Gonna Tell 'Em! (Introduction)
  • Tell 'Em! (Body)
  • Tell 'Em What You Told 'Em! (Conclusion/Summary)

It is a good idea to suggest that if anyone has questions to leave them to the end of the presentation as it might take away from the fluency of the presentation and the presentation itself may answer the questions the audience has.  

The design of your PowerPoint presentation should be eye catching and in a few words capture the main information you want to present.  The illustrations and video clips need to have relevance and support your presentation.  Your delivery needs to reach the target audience and the tone of the presentation needs to vary.  It is important to have cue cards to refer to as they may hold some information not displayed on the slides. 

I reviewed my presentation prior to presenting and re-evaluated the interest factor for the target audience to my chosen topic and slide presentation.  The real challenge was to ensure that I could deliver my presentation in five minutes without compromising my objective. Preparation, research, structure, accuracy and practice enabled me to give an effective presentation.

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